Relocation Service

Moving can be an adventure or a nightmare, exciting or simply stressful! Transferring to a new location can be difficult for any family accustomed to the comfort of their home.

California Coast Concierge makes this confusing process more manageable for you.

Whether you are moving in or out, let us help you with any or all of the following aspects of your move to get you settled in quickly:

We help you find:

  • The right home - to lease or purchase
  • Appropriate schools - Possibly the most important part of the move to get absolutely right
  • Senior care
  • Employment

Ongoing support:

  • Now you're here - do you need a cleaner, a dentist, a doctor, a vet, a tax advisor, a hairdresser? We'll be happy to make recommendations based on experience and even set up appointments for you.

Get you connected:

  • Utilities - gas, electricity, water, TV, phone service, etc…

Our decorating service is available to meet your needs, comfort and style. We can offer sophisticated style in an urban setting, mix antique with very modern or just create a room makeover through colorful art and decorative accessories.

When the time comes to move again, we can help you to rent or sell your home, terminate your utility contracts, set-up moving services or storage of household belongings, arrange for your home to be professionally cleaned (with hand-over guarantee) and pay your last utility bills. During the entire process we make sure to provide you with ongoing activity and progress reports.

Relocation remains one of life's most stressful events. With years of experience California Coast Concierge can help you with a wealth of knowledge, guidance, and comfort to help you navigate the intimidating moving process.

We provide piece of mind and make sure that your move will be stress-free, done in an efficient way and a smooth experience for you.

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